Small Business Saturday, What are you doing?

Across the United States the Saturday following Thanksgiving (November 26, 2016) is known as “Small Business Saturday”.

It’s a day when shoppers are encouraged to support their local small businesses. It’s a great time as a small business owner to pull in new customers that would normally pass you by to shop at the national chain stores.

So what are you doing this year to entice those shoppers into your small business?

Here are some ideas that you might find interesting:

Google My Business

Google My Business Example

1.) Make sure you have your Google My Business listing in place.

If you do a search for your business name and city on Google does it show you additional detail about your business at the top or side of the page?

If so, make sure all of your details are in place such as address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.

If not, then go to to set up your Google My Business profile.

2.) Come up with “door buster” or “limited time” offers like the big stores do for Black Friday.

“The first 20 shoppers will receive an additional 10% off their purchase”

“We will be giving away a $20 Visa Gift Card to one lucky Small Business Saturday shopper. Enter to win when you visit us on November 26th.”

3.) Co-ordinate with other local small businesses and cross promote each other’s Small Business Saturday specials in your marketing, Facebook pages, etc.

This would encourage shoppers to visit more than one local small business. This would also help cross-promote your business with customers that you might not normally attract.

Since I live in Jackson, GA this could look something like:

(These are just examples and not real promotions)

4.) Be sure to promote the heck out of whatever you decide to do.

Just posting it once on your Facebook page doesn’t cut it nowadays. Less than 25% of your Facebook fans will see your business posts so post often and if you really want to get the word out boost your posts to get more reach. It only costs a few dollars and can be well worth it.

So, what are you planning for Small Business Saturday?