Become The Expert

Become the Expert: People like doing business with someone they Know, Like and Trust.

KNOW – You’re not as popular as you think you are. We live in such a connected world we think everyone who could be a customer has already heard about us, they just haven’t decided to buy our stuff yet. That’s not true. With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. most people are only concerned with their closest friends or well known celebrities.

It’s your job as an entrepreneur to get the word out. Create a schedule where you’re posting to Facebook at least once per day, creating a couple videos each week, attending business meetups monthly, etc. As you continue to create content and meet people you and your brand will become “Known”

LIKE – As you’re creating this content and meeting people put a smile on your face, shake some hands and kiss some babies. People don’t want to do business with someone who looks like a “bulldog sucking on a lemon” (a phrase my Pastor uses).

I don’t know of any successful marketers that have a frown on their face, or who have a constant “woe is me” attitude. If you truly believe in your product or service your motivation for selling should be knowing that your customer’s life will be greatly improved once they start doing business with you. It shouldn’t be “I need some money so please buy my stuff”. This kind of attitude shows even though you might not think it does.

TRUST – So, you’re ready to make this new leap in your marketing, but what do you say?

First off don’t immediately start with a sales pitch. The more expensive your product/service the more time it will take to get that client to purchase. You may be able to sell handmade soap immediately, but a $20,000 landscape project will take a little more work.

Secondly don’t be afraid to share information. A lot of it! People are afraid if they tell the potential buyer too much they will just go do it themselves. Unfortunately most people are lazy, and they will never do it. So don’t worry about that. Create a video showing how you make your soap. Create a video explaining how you swap out a toilet. Create a Facebook post talking about the struggles of hiring the best salon works and how you overcame it.

How did you learn to trust the people in your life? You spent time with them. You talked to and listened to them. In marketing we have to do the same thing.

People don’t want to get sold to. They want to buy what they want/need from someone they Know, Like and Trust.

In Proverbs 15:7 it says, “The lips of the wise disperse knowledge…”

To summarize:
1.) Get out there and let people know about you.
2.) Do it with a positive attitude and a smile.
3.) Don’t be afraid to share what you know through words, pictures and videos.